Real Intimacy

Authentic Relationships: Being Real in an Artificial World
1 Sam. 18:1-9

If we are to develop healthy relationships, what does true intimacy in a relationship look like? What are some of the behaviors that help build intimacy?

“Intimacy” means being very close to someone else.

Jonathan was “knit to the soul of David” – v. 1
They made a “covenant” – v. 3
Jonathan sealed the covenant with gifts – v. 4

  1. The Risk of Self-Disclosure
    • If we don’t let the other person know who we are and how we feel, then the relationship has no depth to it. Intimacy involves risk.
    • The decision to build an intimate relationship is easier for a confident, secure person.
    • Believing in God’s love and presence helps give us the security we need to draw closer to others.
  2. Faithfulness and Integrity are Vital
    • Trust is a two-way street.
    • Establishing long-standing trust is a matter of character.
    • And it’s easier to build healthy relationships if the other person has the same character.
  3. The “Magnetism” Factor
    • God wants us to have healthy relationships. Phil. 2:19-22.
    • Christians of all people ought to have a built-in “magnetism” – Zech. 8:23; Mt. 5:13-16
    • When we exude God’s blessings… when we adorn the gospel… when we put on display the power of God in our lives… when our personalities are touched with the joy of “all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places”… people of spiritual depth will want to be a part of that.

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