Don’t Use a Wrench on That Tender Heart

Some plumbing tasks require the use of a really big pipe wrench. Others need a smaller, specialty wrench. But, some plumbing jobs call for hand-tightening only–no wrenches. The size of the job determines the proper tool to be used (or not used).

It’s the same when working with people. Some situations require a strong approach with a firm grip. Other situations require some special considerations to handle appropriately. But there are some situations with people (and probably more in this category than we realize) that only need the touch of a hand. A hardline approach would be too much. A specialty-tool approach would be unnecessary. Sometimes just a gentle hand on the shoulder and soft tone of the voice is exactly what the person needs to get through a rough spot and/or make the changes necessary in his life. Heartfelt compassion can go a long way in most instances!

Every situation and every person is unique! We ought to thank God for that!

David Sproule


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