Keeping Score

Two words that should never go together are “nobody ever.” Both words are superlatives, stating absolute extremes. Has just one person ever done this? “No! Nobody!” Maybe it happened just once?“No! Not ever!” Starting a sentence with “Nobody ever” may intend to draw a strong conclusion, but it actually creates doubt and draws the conclusion into question.

Some have been known to say, “Nobody ever calls to check on me.” Or, “Nobody ever sends me a card.” Or, “Nobody ever speaks to me at church.” Or, “Nobody ever comes by to visit me.” Or, “Nobody ever shows any concern for me.” Each of these claims is suspicious, just by nature of starting them with the absolute extreme of “Nobody ever.”

But, may I suggest a solution? Rather than “keeping score” on what others do (or don’t do) for you, what if you turned your thinking around? Who can you call to check on? Who can you send a card to? Who can you go by to visit? Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive!

David Sproule


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